Are you a tech leader looking to supercharge your business growth?

Welcome to Rocket. 

Marketing yourself and your business online can be confusing, time-consuming, and expensive to implement.

We'll help you:

✅ Laser-focus your core strategic marketing message

✅ Create a buzz around your LinkedIn personal brand by managing your content and online community

✅ Send hundreds of outbound messages to your target prospects each month

✅ And finally schedule warm appointments with your ideal customer straight into your calendar for you to close

About us

Our focus is to make the world more productive and creative through best-in-class SaaS and tech content marketing.

Which makes us the perfect agency for tech businesses to partner with. 🙏

We're also pro-remote working.

This means our overheads are managed more efficiently, allowing us to offer better rates than our competitors.

For example: For the same budget as hiring an individual Social Media Freelancer, or the annual salary of a Social Media Executive, you can hire our entire team, which includes:

✅ An Account Manager

✅ A Social Media and Content Manager

✅ A Cold Email Marketing Executive

In a nutshell, our clients get three digital marketing specialists working on their business for the price of one!

Our offer

✅ A initial strategic consultation assessment


✅ LinkedIn content management

✅ LinkedIn community management 


✅ LinkedIn outbound campaign


✅ Cold email campaign


✅ Qualified meetings regularly scheduled into your calendar

👋 If you're interested in finding out more, feel free to pop me a message on LinkedIn.

🚀 Welcome to Rocket Leadership Coaching 🚀

Finally, we also offer a FREE business, career, and leadership coaching online course.

The course is broken down into 4 levels:

LEVEL 1 - Laying your Foundation

- Get clarity on your offer, niche, audience, and message

- Learn how to build your product or service

- Identify your target customer and their main goals and challenges

LEVEL 2 - Wellbeing + Mindset

- We’re big believers that self-care and looking after your wellbeing are also foundational to unlocking your leadership potential

- Learn how to create systems to help you begin positively rewiring your mindset in order to develop the correct habits that align with your goals

LEVEL 3 - Career Growth

- Learn how to identify your chosen career specialism

- Learn how to build your personal brand and establish yourself as an industry expert

- Learn key skills to help boost your career progression

LEVEL 4 - Business Growth

- Learn how to build a digital marketing sales funnel enabling you to start the right conversations with the right people and turn your audience into customers

- Create a brand style that accurately represents your offer and ensures you make a strong first impression

- Speak at the events you want to speak at, get featured on the podcasts you'd like to be featured on or write in the publications you'd like to write for

What's included?

As well as the 20 video lessons below you also get access to our 18 free reflection and development tool kit, which go hand in hand with the online course.

Happy growing! 🌻

Click on the images below to access the relevant Google Presentation.

Access to all 18 exercise files, which go hand in hand with the online video course below.

Begin your journey by gaining clarity on how to craft your offer, niche, audience and message.

Positively rewire your mindset and begin developing the correct habits that align with your goals.

Learn how to create your personal brand, optimise your LinkedIn profile, and grow your network and content strategy.

A list of daily, weekly, and monthly LinkedIn tasks to perform, that you can fit in around your current schedule.

Contains a 'Content Bank' (including 1000s of ready-made posts to help you get started). As well as a 'Content Schedule'.

Meet the team

Hello! 👋 My name is Taz Burwaiss. I'm CEO at Rocket.

So, why work with me:

✅ I have an MA in Journalism, and over 12 years of corporate experience, and have worked for organisations such as Octopus Energy, SOAS University, and Richmond Council, as well as a number of B2B marketing and events agencies.

I’m passionate about tech and recently obtained my CompTIA A+ certification. My focus is to make the world more productive and creative through best-in-class SaaS and tech content marketing.

✅ I'm a holistic thinker and love to analyse and solve problems by taking a big-picture perspective. I'm just as passionate about entrepreneurship and leadership, as I am about marketing and tech.

✅ I believe a strong connection to the universe is crucial to living a life of purpose and developing a positive mindset. This means I choose light over dark and am always working on myself.